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Basic information
Age unknown
Gender female
Race Troll
Affiliation Horde

Zhinsa is a Zufli in Tusks and Horns. Zufli is the derogatory term given by male witchdoctors to female ones. The females have chosen to wear the "title" with pride



“For those mons that not know yet who I am, here is my story: I bees Zhinsa, proud daughter of Ran’Zan and Shi’la. My daddie, Ran’Zan was a forest troll!

No noes… he not from dem bad forest trolls, he from Revantusk tribe! Dem is friendly with Thrall and Hordes. *nods* He was on diplomatic mission in these lands for da talking between de tribe and Thrall, an he saw me mama, who was visitin Ogrimmar.

He fell madly in love with her, and she with him! She no want to leave her tribe – she a darkspear – so he went to live with dis Darkspear troll tribe.”

Zhinsa points to her skin color. “Dis is why I bees green color! But not so green as other forest trolls green, as mama was a darkspear.

But dem elders of stupid Darkspear tribe not be nice to Ran’Zan. Dey be naggin at him always, an make fun of his ideas. An some also jealous, as my mum was beautiful troll girl! After some months me mama was big in the belly with me, and Ran’Zan very happy.

Me daddie was the greatest! He telling me stories of Revantusk tribe, and of adventures and exciting things. He tellin me chief of Revantusks is woman! *nods* He telling me –Zhinsa, when you is all grown up, you be very important and strong troll woman – and he den tickle me!

But dem elders of silly tribe be putting nonsense talk in mama’s head, bout woman being not able to do great things and such. An tribe be pestering me daddie as well. In the end, me daddie left tribe, and me had to stay with mama and dull tribe…

But now, Zhinsa be older herself, and Zhinsa decided she be great witch doctor! Only elders of tribe be saying me could not do that! Witch doctor be only for men dey said!

Phah! Me is knowing dey be scared, dey be knowing me would be much better then dem!

So Zhinsa left tribe, and travelled to Ogrimmar. And there I be seeing dem poster from Zugfar mon he be needin good witch doctors to heal warrior mons. So I be askin tuskmons if dey would like to have me, Zufli in training. And you mons said ya Zhinsa, ya be welcome!

Then Kaefthen mon - is me cousin, a Darkspear - says Zhinsa has to go back, but Zhinsa don’t want to! So Zhinsa stay with Tusk and Horns mons, and Zhinsa very happy bout that!"


Pretty much crazy.

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