Xermes Lenny Daggerdance
Xermes Daggerdance image
"You're dead, Folca. You just don't know it yet."
Basic information
Age  ???
Gender Male
Race Gnome
Affiliation Alliance
Status Dead

Xermes is a gnome shrouded in mystery and misery. This once young happy gnome has been corrupted by everything that has happened to him, forcing him into a world of revenge, sadness and insanity.


A face full of hate. Two daggers on his side, a knife up his sleeve and exactly 13 throwing knives hid under his tabard.


Xermes Lenny Daggerdance was born as a son of Lars Daggerdance and Lilly Copperbolt. Xermes was very small when The Escape occurred. His father died trying to protect little Xermes and Lilly. Lilly eventually got caught up the Leper Gnome-radiation and forced Xermes to kill her.

Xermes fled and wandered for ages through Ironforge, until a certain gnome called Ratsy took him under her wing. She trained him as a thief and assassin, forcing him to become member of a gang called the Deeprun Devils.

Folca, a bountyhunter, had hunted this gang for a while and ultimately caught and tortured Ratsy, throwing her into the Stockade. Xermes, madly in love, broke her out of jail and they both ran to Duskwood to start a new life.

But at the warmth of their campfire above that waterfall, something unplanned happened. Folca had chased them and hunted them down.

He fought Xermes but Xermes was no match for him, and he soon went to kill Ratsy. He kicked her off the waterfall. Xermes saw his love fall to the depths and that moment would ruin his whole life.

Folca let Xermes live, seeing how hurt Xermes was. Xermes spend every hour of every day to find Ratsy. He somehow knew she was okay and she was, but she had amnesia.

Now, she sees Xermes as an insane person. All people now see Xermes as insane and keep telling him that Ratsy is immaginary. Evey Hearthrite, a friend of Xermes' was once able to make a medicine called "Heartsoothe", that would calm Xermes down and downplay his insanity, yet Evey disappeared and has never been seen again.


Insane, paranoia and arrogant as hell. Has no friends, but his family. 'Family' being Lackem Daggerdance and Gears R. Copperbolt.


Gears R. Copperbolt - Cousin - Alive.

Lackem Daggerdance - Cousin- Alive, and hated by Xermes.

Lars Daggerdance - Father - Dead.

Lilly Copperbolt - Mother - Dead.


"Lackem, just shut up and go sit in your office."

"Folca, you're dead! You just don't know it yet."

"It'll be your head with THIRTEEN KNIVES IN IT!"

"I'm not insane!!! Ratsy is real!!!"