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A mismatched but loving marriage
Basic information
Age Unknown but probably ancient
Gender Male
Race Gnomish
Affiliation Alliance
Status Alive (only just sometimes)

A rather puzzled little gnome who is constantly trying to work out the magic of cold and frost.


Small, old and wizened with a brushed-over hairstyle. A permanent scary face and no dress sense whatsoever.


Many moons ago, I was an evil little understudy to Xanathar, a rather hideous creature that terrorised the city of Watersdeep from his lair - deep within the sewers and dungeons below. After the overthrow by an invasionary force of humans and dwarves, I was captured - badly injured but alive - and taken back to Stormwind. Probably because of my size, I ended up being surrounded by the other children in Stormwind's orphanage but this changed pretty rapidly with my immediate attraction to my beautiful nurse, Dawni. We married a few Summers after that and, apart from random passes from my mischievous sister-in-law, Duski, remain totally focused in the task of keeping the world good and wholesome.


I am a curious little gnome. If I see a no fly zone, I will see what happens if I do. I like exploring and admiring things in such detail, I quite often get surprised when something unexpected comes along and disturbs me. I have a great many places that I like to go again and again and I always notice little things that have changed.

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