The Stormwind City Fair
The Stormwind City Fair image
Stormwind City.
Basic information
Date 5. April 2009
Time 18:00 - 21:00
Location Stormwind Harbor
Contact Grandmah


The eventEdit

Come and taste the many foods and beverages!
Marvel at the booths with products from all over Azeroth and beyond!
See the amazing sights!
Participate in the games and contests!
Listen to the stories of our storyteller.
Buy the latest edition of the Citizens Gazette!

The Stormwiind City Fair is a recurring event. The Stormwind City Fair sets up its tents in the Stormwind Harbour. Entrance is free. You can visit the fair from 18h till 21h.
Security is be provided by the Dwarven District Guard and the regular Stormwind Guards.

Interested in participating in the Stormwind City Fair?
Then please contact Grandmah of the Concerned Citizens, Stormwind, for a booth or place on the fair.
Applications will be treated in the order they are received. The placing of the booths will be handled by the Concerned Citizens. You may ask for exclusivity for a certain product; the Concerned Citizens cannot guarantee your request, however. Any special requests are to be discussed with Grandmah.

Past boothsEdit

  • Mechanical squirrels and other curiosities - Lethys Tehulla
  • Antiquities shop - The Ebon Raven League
  • Moonglow - Elunaticus
  • Food Stand - Lyla
  • Beverages - Roena Firebrow
  • The Gnome War Effort
  • The Stormwind Regiment
  • The Twilight Expedition
  • Chili - Miss Darnassus, Ellyana Swiftblade
  • Storyteller - Willjam
  • Charity Raffle - The Concerned Citizens
  • Clothes and fashionable outfits - Saranini
  • The Citizens Gazette - The Concerned Citizens

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