The Miss Azeroth Contest
The image
Some of the Miss Azeroth contestants
Basic information
Date 2008
Time 20:00
Location Azeroth
Contact Irinah (A), Zhinsa (H)

In an exciting series of events, a miss Azeroth Alliance and a miss Azeroth Horde were chosen!

The eventEdit

Alliance Misses:

Miss Darnassus - Night Elves: Miss Ellyana Swiftblade

Miss Gnomeregan - Gnomes - Miss Mooki Tinkerton

Miss Exodar - Draenei - Miss Côrenthía

Miss Stormwind - Humans - Miss Helena Westbrook

Miss Ironforge - Dwarves - Miss Etelka Blackhammer

Horde Misses:

Miss Silvermoon - Blood Elves - Miss Lirien Ashfelas

Miss Orgimmar - Orcs - Miss Miraxxa Lovelytusks

Miss Thunderbluff - Tauren - Miss Truestride

Miss Undercity - Undead - Miss Orelindë Luinwë

Miss Troll - Trolls - Miss Shiu


After a miss was chosen for every race, a big Finale was held for each faction.

We are proud to present you with the winning misses:

Miss Azeroth Alliance - Miss Helena Westbrook
Runner up - Miss Mooki Tinkerton

Miss Azeroth Horde - Miss Miraxxa Lovelytusks
Runner up - Miss Truestride