Sylrage Oakwalker
Sylrage Oakwalker image
Moonglade , Moonwell
Basic information
Age 1036
Gender Male
Race Nightelven ( Well Appears to be )
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Status Alive

A night elven druid , or something more?...Some ask themselves this as the druid moves gracefully past them , tending to nature , or protecting it with deadly force , however if deadly force is used , few rarely have time to think.


Sylrage has long green hair in a traditional night elf style , High cheekbones and slightly pale skin , he has a scar stretching across one cheek , Usually garbed in browns or greens , usually his green robes. IF you had known him before he would be garbed in black , earning him and his family the name "Nightfall"


Sylrage was born in Ashenvale , Astraanar it is said . Born to a Warrior and huntress , Both traits of protecting , fighting for land and love of nature and animals bestowed to him. With his Parents Traits , He found that he was well suited for being a Druid . He pursued this path of teachings , often whilst in forms , Healing and the odd spell here and there , he advanced in his studies. His Father perished in the war of the shifting sands , Leaving sylrage , His mother and Sister devastated . Stricken with grief , He slumbered int he dream , hoping to console himself , also to fight , to redeem himself , feeling it was his fault his father died. He was awoken by malfurion , who required assistance ,sylrage was happy to give it , helping in the war efforts. Sylrage now feels redeemed and continues guarding Teldrassil. He is also roaming the cold north , sometimes trying his hand at jousting .


Sylrage was cold and harsh before and after the war of the shifting sands , After being redeemed , he seeked tog uard elven lands , creating life where none existed.

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