Susannah West
Susannah West
Basic information
Age 20
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation Alliance
Status Alive

Susannah West is a young dressmaker from Stormwind.


Susannah is around 5'5 and, although you could reasonably call her 'slim', she is certainly a little chubbier than many girls her age. She has long reddish-brown hair, tied up in a messy bun during the day when she's at work or let down and styled a little during the evenings. She has light freckles on her cheeks and her blue eyes are rather big, giving her a slightly 'surprised' look.

Her work clothes themselves are cheap beige linen garments she tailored herself, but during her free time she can be seen in nicely-designed shirts and trousers.


Born in Stormwind not long after it was rebuilt, Susannah has never ventured much further out of the city than Redridge or Westfall.
During her teens she was encouraged by her parents to study magic, as they had high hopes that she would become a skilful mage. However, it has since become clear that Susannah is rather slow academically. She has begun to train as a tailor instead, only studying magic part-time nowadays, and although she is showing flair in her designs she is still rather clumsy with a needle.


Susannah is quite flippant and sarcastic, often making joky remarks about other people although she doesn't react too well to being made fun of herself. She is also work-shy; the only reason she still studies magic is to keep her parents quiet. She doesn't put much effort into learning things for herself either; why learn to cook when you have a mother at home who will do it for you?

On the good side Susannah likes to make friends and can be very warm and friendly to strangers when she feels like it.

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