Skye Silverhawk
Basic information
Age Late hundreds.
Gender Female
Race Blood Elf
Affiliation The Argent Crusade
Status Alive.

Skye Silverhawk, An ex-captain of The Phoenix Guard, is around her late hundreds in age. She specialises mainly in the bow, but is a capable melee combatant should the need arise. She also has several animal companions - Notably warpstalkers, each with their own personality - But one of note would be a peculiar warpstalker by the name of Malekith.


Skye is a relatively average height blood elf, flat as a board yet slightly muscular. Mostly stereotypical in appearance with long, unkempt silver hair, fel-green eyes, and a somewhat pale complexion. She is in her late hundreds, however - as with most elves - this rarely shows. Her person shows a variety of scars - one across her right eye, and two across her lower right jaw. Earlier there may have been bandages concealing the severe burns across the left half of her face, however these have recently been healed by Lerenas. The bandages that were there before are now, with the introduction of her new armour, wrapped about her neck area instead. Evidently the lack of armour there has had a somewhat uncomfortable effect.


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Skye is generally a quiet, speak-when-spoken-to kind of person, although she will have her say if she needs to. Even in battle, so much as a grunt can rarely be heard. She dislikes it when people try to hide their issues away, as she believes it will affect her comrade's performance - But, although she says all of this, she has rarely, if at all openly let out her feelings or problems to another person. Skye isn't the most witty of people, either, as she usually blurts out the most inappropriate lines at the most inappropriate time. She is somewhat shy on occasion - Preferring to avoid any 'Idle conversation', as she can rarely hold a typical, every day conversation up by herself. However, at times - especially in large groups, or on a mission - She will attempt to keep the mood light, and the group content. This often fails.

She seems to hold a strong dislike towards people who attempt to play the hero.

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