Shadowest Tanya Moonknight
Basic information
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Race Night Elf
Affiliation Alliance
Status Alive

Shadowest is a huntress, trained in both good spells, and bad spells... Read on for more information about Shadowest Tanya Moonknight.


Shadowest is about 2.5m tall, and has turquoise hair. She also has a tattoo shaped as a scythe on her face, the same colour as her hair.


When Shadowest was 13 years old, she was given a sacred dagger by her mother. She used it to heal others, to help friends, and it could pierce through armour. Now it is lost, deep in Outland...


Shadowest is a forgiving, holy huntress who will always be able to help others in quests (unless they're like 15 levels higher than her!)

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