Rewon Grank
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Basic information
Age 47
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation The Alliance
Status Missing

Rewon Grank is a name many curse, many joke of, and some even raise a drink to. He was one of those who created the Ethereal Tavern, working there as Yalis Karlstorm's manager. Names he is known by include Robbo, Three-finger Rob, Rewy, Half-man, Granky, and to some of those that like him least, an especially cold way of saying "Grank."


Sandy-brown hair falls down to Rewon's neck, falling lightly over the stump that was his left ear. His one remaining eye is a jade green color, and the other socket is scarred and swollen. His nose is mashed against his face, and a red bandanna is almost always worn, either around his neck, or used as a mask to cover his face.
He walks with a distinctive limp, favoring his left foot over the right one, and he most always wears gloves over both hands.


Not much is known of Rewon's origins, and his reputation is not for telling that tale freely. What is known is that he arrived in Stormwind many years back, working for the ever-famous Yalis Karlstorm as manager of the Ethereal Tavern. This was during the time of much Scarlet activity, where the Scarlet Inquisitors under the command of High Inquisitor Melslak were present in the city.
Many might remember the Crimson Rebellion that rose to defy the Scarlets, and it is believed that Rewon worked as a spy for said rebellion, for many things. When the Inquisitors discovered this, two of their members, Kitarl Darkmoore, later the commander of the group known as "Repentance", and Chilly, who grew to be nothing but a notorious drunkard, were dispatched to capture him. Successful, Grank remained a captive of theirs for days before being freed, and after this he is known to have held a deep-seated hatred for Darkmoore.
Melslak and his company left Stormwind shortly after, and the Crimson Rebellion fell apart. Shortly after this, he was involved in a struggle with a man known as Ning, although not much is officially known of this. It was during this struggle that Grank met the person who'd come to be his closest friend, yet also an enemy, Garner Sunstar.
Grank has been involved in many things afterwards. One of the founding members of the Assassins' League, a constant presence when it came to opposing the Scarlet Crusade.


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