Primula Hargreaves
Primula not sporting her token moustache. Art by Danyata.
Basic information
Age 14
Gender Female
Race Forsaken
Affiliation Horde
Status Alive

A Forsaken mage, Primula is a silly little thing who is lucky that her power is enough to get her by with, or she would be more dead than she already is. Often inventing useless and nonsensical games to play that normally involve some manner of deadly creature, she has the gift of being able to confuse anyone long enough to make a quick escape, and leads a life of danger and excitement.

She's probably clueless about the danger part though. Probably.


Primula is a patchwork mess of skin, hair and bodyparts as more often than not her activities lead her to the loss of a digit or two a few times a month. (No one seems to be complaining about sewing her up though).

She is of the appearence of a girl in her early teens and still retains much of her childlike looks and mannerisms well into her death. She's twitchy, moves fast, and is unpredictable, but at the same time, she is inexplicably cute, and manages surprisingly well to use her charm to her advantage when she wants something, despite being well, dead.

Lately, she has taken to wearing what looks like a very fake black moustache made from paper on her face. When questioned, she denies its existance.


Primula does not remember her history before her death, or at least claims not to anyway.

She was inducted as a mage when raised as a Forsaken and has been causing varying levels of havoc in the lives of people she meets ever since, showing no particular loyalty to anything, only taking interest in the tasks that are set her if they are 'fun' by her definition.


Having died at the beginning of puberty seems to have had horrifying effects on this Forsaken. Normally she retains her easygoing and happy-go-lucky personality, filling her time with playing games, socialising and having what she would term as 'fun'.

There is another, darker side to Primula which has made her invaluable to her compatriots and her acquaintances. She herself does not seem to know the trigger, and calls herself 'The Other One' when referring to this aspect of her personality. 'The Other One' is unrelenting, cruel, merciless and bloodthirsty, and makes her a force to be reckoned with.

In the past 'The Other One' has caused Primula to do terrible things that upset her greatly in her normal persona, but are often the subject of boasting when 'The Other One' is 'out'. Since Primula is aware of both sides of herself, 'The Other One' is therefore not likely to be a schizophrenic trait.

More than likely, the child is just a bit unhinged, and who can blame her?

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