Miraene Featherwing
Miraene Featherwing image
Miraene atop Maestra's Post.
Basic information
Age 1002
Gender Female
Race Night elf
Affiliation Alliance
Status Alive

Miraene Featherwing is a night elf beastmaster and former leader of the Shari'Adune.


Miraene is around 6'1 or 182cm, slightly shorter than the average female night elf but very muscular and athletic.

Her skin is deep pink and she has tangled, dark-green hair. She wears leather and mail armour in a mixture of brown, green and purple to provide her with good camouflage in the forest.

She is almost always accompanied by her two sabers: Asharel, who has been her companion for twelve years, and Cloud, who she tamed five years ago in Teldrassil.


Miraene is friendly but quiet, preferring to let others talk without giving away her own thoughts for no reason. She also enjoys being alone, and will often go out riding through the forest by herself.

She is surprisingly tolerant - probably too tolerant. She is also extremely disorganized, and as leader of the Shari'Adune she relied heavily on Arthara to help her organize things. This included large-scale attacks, which she was not used to. However, Miraene is skilled at one-on-one combat, and fights well with the help of her sabers.

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