Marcus Ieatnelfs
Marcus Ieatnelfs image
Armed and dangerous.
Basic information
Age 36 years premortum.
Gender Male
Race Undead
Affiliation Horde
Status Alive/Dead

A Night Elf Enthusiast.


Quite well-preserved for an undead, his skin has only partially decayed and he still has some of his old muscle tissue. Lacks a lower jaw though. Black hair, which he enjoys grooming.


A former Paladin of the Silver Hand, fallen a victim of the Plague. Has very few memories of his time as a living or his time as a part of the Scourge. All he has is his loyal friend from the time they were alive, Feston, and memories of women he used to have. He has focused on those memories and this has caused him to form an obsession about Night Elves.


  • Very polite towards women.
  • Enjoys watching Sylvanas Windrunner, hiding in the dark corners of her chamber.
  • Night Elf women make him lose control of his actions, often leading in putting himself in danger.
  • Has trouble telling the gender of Blood Elves (usually male -> female).

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