Luzphir Sarthalian Swiftwhisper
Basic information
Age 5 years reanimated (Possibly over 1000 years old before death)
Gender Male
Race High-Elf (Undead) (Formerly Dragonkin)
Affiliation Horde/High Elven Quel'thalas. low opinon of the "Horde"
Status Alive (Undead)

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Since Luzphir's reanimation, He has dark, cold blue eyes that give off a small, light blue mist, the most obvious sign that he is a Death Knight. His face still seems natural, untouched by decay, His cheeks however do not blush red, if such a emotion is used. He is usually seen wearing red armour, with a red mask to top it off, his blade is quite long, with a sharp, curled edge at the end. The difference to other Death knight blades, is that instead of it being a dark, cold looking blade, Luzphir's runeblade is the complete opposite, it blazes with flames, seeming anything that would touch it, except luzphir himself, would burn and possibly set ablaze itself. He wears only one shoulderpad, as his other shoulder is weakened.


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