Lunar Festival Gathering
Lunar Festival Gathering image
Guests listen to Arthion telling the story of Omen.
Basic information
Date 8. Feb 2009
Time 19:00
Location Moonglade
Contact Miraene or Arthara

The Lunar Festival celebrates many things – the wisdom of our elders, the power of Elune, the defeat of an ancient fel-corrupted menace, and the coming of a new year.

So this February, the Shari'Adune held a celebratory gathering in Moonglade to which all members of the Alliance were welcome.

The eventEdit

Around thirty guests arrived in total. Much moonglow was downed, resulting in a house full of very sparkly people. Ithiluna entertained us with some interesting songs and the moonglow seemed to go straight to Anedill's head as she showed off her levitation ability.

Later on, our guests listened to Arthion as he told the story of Omen, the beast that lurks beneath Lake Elune'ara. At the end of the evening we all went outside for a firework display.

We may be repeating the event next year.

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