Lucius Netherbane
Lucius Netherbane - Second son of Davian Netherbane
Basic information
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Race Human/High elf
Affiliation None, seems to have an Alliance preference
Status Alive

Lucius Netherbane is a highly skilled assassin trained over the last 112 years by many assassins and blademasters each time going under a different alias. Born to Davian netherbane (High elf/human) and Shaina Netherbane (High elf) Lucius has lived a long troubled life the many decades haunted by loss and grief, as a result his mind is beginning to slip his sanity on a knifes edge making him a master of "thinking outside the box" tactics for his work.





"Fear is nothing but the anticipation of pain"
"Pain is a nessecity we live in pain therefeore we must master pain to master fear"
"Life is empty, life is worthless, those who live in fear deserve no life"
"We kill to feed ourselves, and soon we kill to feed our power, Nobody is ever free from the assassins blade, it always draws you back"


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