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From the first day Asverze left Goldshire, her hometown, as a warrior, she was drifting across Azaroth. She met a lot of people during her wandering through the Eastern Kingdom and Kalimdor. Among them were also a lot of men who liked her appearance and wanted to get in touch with her. Asverze reacted normally somewhat affable when they called foxy or said that she’s hot. However she liked the attentions and on a lot of occasions she spent the evening with someone of the opposite gender. When the feeling was right and she was in the mood, she also spent the night with him. However Asverze wished to put all her effort into her warrior being, so she insisted that on the next morning they went their own way. Asverze was happy with this way of live, so she wanted to go on that way, until she met Storm…

Storm was a warrior of her own kind, who she met him on her way to Southshore. Looking to Durnholde keep, a Syndicate stronghold in Hillsbrad foothills, from the back of her black stallion, Asverze heard suddenly behind her:

“What brings such a lovely lady to such a place?”

She turned her horse around. There stood an armoured white stallion with a strong human warrior on its back.

“Ehh, what a nice surprise, you’re not just a normal lady but it seems that you are a fine good-looking warrior woman” he said with a big smile. His eyes twinkled when he looked at her from top to bottom. “You are really very good-looking, if I may say so.”

Asverze looked affable at him “I think you are a bit saucy, I don’t know you, who are you?” she asked him a bit disturbed, but his appearance impressed her.

“Oh sorry, how impolite of me. My name is Storm. I am a drifting warrior,” he said with a smile. "And who are you?”

“My name is Arverze, also a warrior as you already mentioned,” she said back

“Where are you heading to?” he asked her.

After a short slience she said, “I am on the way to Southshore now,” Asverze didn’t know why she told him her destination, maybe because of his impressing personality.

“That a nice coincidence,” he said with a charming smile. “I am also heading to that place. Maybe we can go together?”

“Why not,” she reacted with a smile, “maybe we could have a cheerful evening.”

“Lets go then,” he said and together they ride toward Southshore.

There they went to the Southshore Inn, owned by innkeeper Anderson. During a good meal together she became even more impressed by him. He talked so nice and sweet and his laugh was very infective.

“I’m very adored by your appearance,” Storm said to her. "I would love it when we become friends and wandered together through Azeroth.”

“From the day I was grown up I put al my effort into my warrior being," Asverze answered him. “To become a good warrior as a woman you can’t afford to look after something else, you have to focus completely to that task. Of course I do join groups sometimes or had a companion to do a task or to reach a goal, but after that we split and go our own way.”

“Does that means you never had a boyfriend,” he asked.

“No,” she said. “I don’t have time for such things.”

“How sad,” he said a bit sorrowed.

She looked at him with her charming smile, “I didn’t say I don’t have contacts with guys. Sometimes I met one around and than we eat and talk together, just like we do now. When it feels right and the mood is right, I even spend the night with him,” she said with an adoring smile. “But in the morning we always split, about that, there are no exceptions,” looking straight into his eyes.

“What a lucky bastard are those guys,” he said with a sad smile.

After a pleasant dinner they took a seat before the fireplace. They keep on talking about their lives and adventures. Several times his booming laugh rolled thought the taproom.

“Can’t I let you change your mind about us,” Storm said to Asverze. “I think I’m fallen in love with you and should love it when you wanted to be at my side. Don’t you love me too a little bit?”

“You are so kind and you talk so nice and sweet,” she said looking at him with her most adoring smile. “But as I’ve said before I want us to part and be free to go our own way.”

Storm looked sadly toward her. “Can’t I convinced you?” he asked again.

Moving toward him Asverze shook her head. He looked into her eyes and wrapped his strong arm around her.

“You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in my life,” Storm said to her. “The nicest thing however is that you are a very foxy warrior women. I’ve seen several warrior women in my live, but non of them were by far as good-looking as you are.”

She smiled at him and nestled herself against his wide chest. His warm body and his smell brought her in the mood for more. They looked at each other and before she knew, they were together in an everlasting kiss. The evening past away during their sweet talks and long lasting kisses.

“Do you still want to part in the morning?” Storm asked again. Averze looked at him and nodded. “I really would love it when you want to be my companion and maybe my girlfriend,” Storm said, “but when you really insists that we part in the morning, I will accept that, although I should regret it very much, and hope you’ll change your mind.”

Asverze nodded again and they are in a long lasting kiss again.

“Lets go upstairs," Asverze whispered into Storm’s ear after that kiss. Storms nods and they went upstairs. There they made love together in a way she had never experienced before. For a long time they were all over each other in an ever-lasting act of love. Totally exhausted they fell asleep.

In the middle of the night she woke up. She looked at the ceiling and listened to the snoring sound her bedmate made during his sleep. She knew it for sure, she was totally fallen in love with him. She made up her mind, she wanted to be forever along his side. From now on she would follow him wherever he may go. With a smile on her face she fell asleep again, dreaming about the future together with the man beside her, she was totally in love with.

The next morning she was woke up by the sunlight, pouring through the window. Remembering the night a smile get on her face. She turned on the side toward the love of her live, but the bed was empty. His clothes and his gear were also gone. A bit disappointed she thought that he was already gone down to the taproom. She wished that he had stayed so she could get in his strong arms, nestle her body again his one and stay in bed for a will. Then her eyes fell on something like a note, lying on a little table near the chair his clothes were on. She stepped out of bed, wrapping the sheet around her naked body. She picked up the note and started to read it. It said:

“Dear love, when you read this I am gone already. It was great last evening together with such an adoring woman like you and the night was the best I ever had or will experienced for sure. But I also remembered what you told me under diner about you wish to stick to your goal to become the best possible warrior and because of that don’t want to bind yourself to one place of one person….”

The sheet around her body drops on the floor, her now naked body started to shake, a painful glace gets on her face.

“…At first, although I want you to be mine more than anything else, I want you to be happy and don’t want to stand in your way to become that warrior. I couldn’t stand the thought that because when I make you my companion, you couldn’t be that warrior and become unhappy. In respect of your wish I decided to leave, although I will surely regret it, because I wanted to stay at your side the rest of my live…”

The paper fell out of her hand. A stifled cry got out of her mouth when she collapsed on the floor. Then she started to cry, buried her face in the sheet beneath her.

“Oh Storm, why oh why did you that,” she cried. “Why did you listen to that stubborn obsessed woman I am and don’t try to keep her?”

She started to hate herself and her obsession to become a heroine warrior, She thought about it to give up this way of living and go back to her place of birth to settle there for the rest of her live. She even didn’t want to go on with her live and was thinking about committing suicide. She laid on the floor for more than an hour, her naked body crumpled up and her head into the sheet. After she cried her tears out, she finally stood up, picked up the note and the sheet and got on the bed. She wrapped the sheet around her body again and started to read the note again. During the reading, she let herself falling aside in her pillow. When she finished her reading she crapped the pillow next to her, his smell was still in it. She pushed the pillow against her breasts and started to cry again. The whole day she stayed in the bedroom, walking around, lying on bed, crying from time to time and constantly thinking of the disappeared love of her live. She didn’t care that she was still naked and someone could come in and see her that way. At the end of the day she crapped herself together, got dressed and went down to the taproom.

“Do you know were the big warrior could be or was going to that had left this morning?” she asked Innkeeper Anderson.

“No,” he said, “He paid the room and left without a message. He didn’t tell me where he was heading to and I didn’t see which way he went. Maybe someone around here knows more.”

Asverze asked all the presented guests if they knew something about the warrior who had left this morning, but no one knew something about him. For them he was just another drifting warrior.

That evening she sat alone in a corner of the taproom, drinking some beer. She didn’t want to talk to anyone, snarled the men away who want to get in touch with her. She was staring, but saw nothing, only thinking of Storm. The next morning after a sleepless night she was going around Southshore asking people if they knew something about him, but no one could give her a clue. This went on for the next two days. Then she gathered her gear, paid Innkeeper Anderson and lef Southshore.

Asverze went north with no idée where to go or what to do. Only thinking of Storm she didn’t keep an eye of her surroundings. Near the road junction to Durnholde Keep a messenger group of the scourge heading for Tarren mill surprised her. They attacked her, but after she recovered herself, she fought them with such a fury that she slew them all. After the fight Asverze wandered on going through the gate in Thoradin’s Wall into Arathi Highland.

After staying at Refuge Pointe Asverze moved further on east. Near Hammerfall some guards, who saw her coming from afar, ambushed her. They drove her up against a big rock, constantly hacking in on her. She managed to parry most but not all. Raged by the pain of the inflicted wounds, she managed to slew these attackers also. Her body however hurt badly. After she took care of her wounds and ate something she stifled the pain and return toward Refuge pointe. She spent the night in the barn of a friendly farmer. The next morning the pain was eased a lot. After she thanked the farmer she got on the road again, still without an idée where to go.

She was again only with her thoughts with Storm when she stopped near a cave. sitting on a rock, eating something and thinking of her lost love, an Ogre, which crapped her from behind, surprised her. She managed to get free before the Ogre could get a good grip on her and she couldn’t escape anymore. She drew her sword and killed the Ogre with one sweeping blow, so avoiding it to shout for aid. Quickly she moved on, toward Thoradin's wall again.

After Asverze moved through a hole in the wall, she saw Durnholde keep again. She was a bit more on her guard now when she traveled around in at the north side, avoiding to came to close to its walls. Staying out of trouble now she reacted a pass to the north.

After Asverze had crossed it, she saw that she had reached the outskirts of Hinterland. Although she only had slept in barns, old mills, of ones in an empty cave, she didn’t want to go to Aerie peak. She still wanted to avoid groups of people and the joy and laugher they bring. Instead of that she went straight to the east. She was totally unaware that she wandered into the land of several troll tribes now. Her thoughts were again almost only with her lost love Storm. Unperceived she reached some ancient buildings but she didn’t take a notice of them. Suddenly she found herself surrounded by a group of aggressive trolls from the witherbark tribe. Again she was surprised because she didn’t pay attention at her surroundings and now she was in deep trouble. Surrender wasn’t an option that will surely be the end of her live. These trolls will sacrifice her in one of their dark rituals after they tortured her to dead. Her only option was to fight. The trolls however were with too many, she couldn’t defeat them all on her own. The only change she had was to break trough the encirclement and try to outrun them.

In a split second she made up her mind. Suddenly her sword was in her hand and with a loud shout she charged into the encirclement at the place she thought was the weakest spot. She slew three trolls in one blow, but she didn’t break the circle. Then the rest of the trolls were upon her. The blows crushed into her with such an amount and force she couldn’t parry them all. Several blows hit her and brought her almost on her knees. A loud cry of pain and fear came out of her mouth. She was sweeping her sword around but she didn’t see what she hit of if she hit anything at all. The blows were still coming in, She fell that blood was pouring out of several wounds al over her body. Because of her rage and fear she didn’t feel the pain anymore, her sword was sweeping around and around, her loud shouts got into the air. Then she saw that she was at the outside of the melee. With one desperate blow she cleared the way and she started to run as fast as she could. Behind her she heard the trolls running after her, shouting and hauling. Her fear and will to survive gave her the strength to keep on going to run as fast as she could. She ran into some tick bushes. She didn’t feel the roots slapping against her body and face. In the middle of one of these bushes she dropped herself on the ground. The first trolls ran beyond, but didn’t see her. She tried to hide into the dead leaves on the ground as must as she could. She heard the trolls running around crying and hauling because they didn’t see her any more.

After an hour the sound of the trolls faded away, it seemed that she had managed to get rid of them. However she kept hiding in the bushes long after the sound of the trolls was gone. Meanwhile her raged and fear was cooling down, and her body started to hurt very badly. She looked in terror at herself. Her clothes were torn, her armour was completely shattered, her body was covered with wounds, including some very nasty ones and blood was all over her, from the trolls but mostly from herself. She had to find aid soon, here in the woods she would surely die of those wounds. She tried to get up, but a sharp pain ran through her and with a painful cry she fell down again. Again she tried to stand up, stifling the pain. She didn’t know exactly were she was but she knew that somewhere in the north there was an elfish hideout. She want to reached that before her strength would be faded away.

She stumbled through the wood avoiding the dangerous creatures and hoping the trolls were returned to their places. She reached a road running from the north to the south. She followed it to the north. Just before her strength was completely gone, she saw a figure in the distance. She quested it was an elf from the hideout so she started to wave at him, but before she could see if it was indeed an elf and if he actually saw her, she collapsed and passed out.

When she woke up, she didn’t know where she was. She was lying naked in a tree shaped bed under a green leave like sheet. Although her body was still hurting, it wasn’t as severe as before, because her wounds were cleaned and bandaged. She felt that she was sweating and shivered a bit. When she turn her head she saw a young elfish woman sitting next to her bed. That woman smiled at her and started to dab the sweat from her forehead.

“Ahh, finally you wake up,” the woman said “You were past out for the whole time you’ve been here.”

Asverze smiled back, closed her eyes again and fell asleep, knowing that she had made it and was save now. When she woke up again a tall elder elfish man stood at her bed.

“Welcome to the Quel’danil Lodge, young human. My name is Saldor Shallowbrook, I am the overseer of this place. One of my men found you on the road near our lodge. He saw you collapsing and was afraid you were past away. When he reached you, he saw that you where still alive but in a very bad shape. He carried you to our place when we took care of you. Because of you bad condition we were afraid that you wouldn’t make it in spite of our efforts, therefore one of us was always at your side to keep an eye on you. However it seems that you are a strong woman. In fact you’re the toughest human I have ever seen. I am glad you’re doing well and that we have saved such a fine lady.”

She smiled at him with tears in her eyes. “Thank you,” she stammered with a choked voice.

The tall elf smiled back and after he bowed to her, he turned around and left the room. She stayed behind in emotion but also in happiness because of those kind words from such a high elf.

After she had eaten something another young elfish woman came in the room. She took away the sheet and started to remove the bandages.

“This is looking good, you’re wounds are healing very well,” she said to her. “I think that you may get out of bed if you like,” she said to Asverze with a smile. “But first we have to let take you a bath and apply some new bandages.”

Asverze was guided out of the room toward the lake behind the building. Although she was still naked, no one seems to pay attention to that. In the lake stood another young elfish woman waiting for her. The water of the lake was quit chilly but it was very clear and it picked her up. The two women helped her washing herself, gently cleaned the healing wounds. After they had dried her, the first woman took her back to her room. There she applied the new bandages on the wounds. When she was almost finished another woman entered the room, carrying a fine green and white dress.

“I think this with fit you quit right,” she said. The two women helped to put on the dress. After they were finished, they took some steps backward and smiled at her.

“You are indeed very handsome. This dress goes very well with you. Our lord Shallowbrook has it right when he calls you a fine lady.”

The two women bowed and leave the room. After the women had left, she sat down on the bed. Her thoughts were going to Storm again, but also to the thinks which were happened in the last days. A painful glance got on her face.

“What has happened to me? Am I that despaired that I can’t think of act in a normal way in stead of wandering around like a zombie and almost get myself killed?” She started to cry. “Oh my dear Storm, why didn’t you take me with you? Why did you left me alone in this world?”

Then she thought of the words in his note. She looked around but the elves took all her things with them. However she remembered his words

I want you to be happy and don’t want to stand in your way to become a great warrior.”

She started to smile through her tears. Finally she could make up her mind.

“For you I shall become one of the greatest warriors Azaroth ever have seen. I shall be focussed completely on this task to your honour and I shall do everything I could not to fail you.”

She stood up from the bed and walked to a small mirror at the wall. Looking in that mirror, she wiped away her tears and smiled to her image.

“I swear on everything I loved, I shall stick to that task.” Then a laugh grew on her face. “But when I ever may meet you again, my lovely Storm, I forget all this. Then I shall throw myself in your arms, nestle myself against your strong body and be forever yours.”

After her red eyes from crying had got back their normal colour, she went out. She walked on her bare feet on the grassy paths between the buildings. The elves she pasted nodded to her and she nodded back with a smile. For the first time in the last days she felt happy again. After several days her wounds were almost completely healed. Some of them would however leave a scar on her body for the rest of her live. Until that day she stayed in Quel’danil Lodge. The contacts and conversations she had with the there living elves, made her adore their way of live even more than she already did.

That day she also received her gear back. The shattered gear was completely remade by the elfish blacksmith of Quel’danil Lodge. In fact it was even become better and seems totally new. Her clothes were replaced by something similar and fitted better that her original ones. She also received back the note from Storm. She picked it up, looking at the blood spots on it, her blood she knew. She opened it ant started to read it again. Tears started to come up again but she pulled herself together. She closed it and putted it in her pocket.

After Asverze got dressed in her own clothes a young elfish man stepped into her room. He bowed and said:

“Our lord Shallowbrook want you to appear before him”.

Leaving her weapons in her room, she walked along with the young elf toward Lord Shallowbrook’s place. Lord Shallowbrook sat on the main chair when she entered the council chamber. At his left- and right side were sitting several other elfish men and women. She kneeled before them but lord Shallowbrook stood up and said:

“Oh no, you don’t have to kneel before us.” He gave a guard a hint. The guard came back with a small chair. “Please take a seat,” lord Shallowbrook said to her. She stood up and sat down on the chair. Lord Shallowbrook sat down again.

“So, I see that you have been recovered almost completely I see.”

She nods.

“You seem indeed a fine warrior. I had read a report from our agent near Hiri’Watha in which he mentioned a fierce fight between a human female and a large group of witherbark trolls. He said that he never had seen a fighting human female, but he was very impressed by her bravery and toughness. He wanted to help her but before he could reach the melee, he saw her breaking out of the encirclement and running to the north, followed by the rest of the trolls. When he reached the battleground he saw that at least twelve trolls were slain. He slew another one, which lay severely wounded over there. He followed the trolls to the north. After several hours following them he saw them came back completely outraged and constantly shouting and hauling. He didn’t see a human female prisoner between them and because of their anger he was convinced that they had lost her. After the trolls were past, he was looking for her himself but he also couldn’t find her.” Lord Shallowbrook looked at her. “I guess you were that female?”

She nodded. “Yes, that was I.”

"I already knew that humans were a brave kind, but that considered their males,” he said. “I now see that among their females are also very brave ones. I am really impressed of what I read.”

She smiled a bit shyly. Lord Shallowbrook got down on his seat again. She stood up and looked around.

“I am really grateful, and I could never thank you enough nor pay you enough for saving my live, for the care you gave me and for what you have done for me….” Lord Shallowbrook raised his hand.

“We are honoured that we could save such a warrior as you are. We are proud and just as grateful that we were able to help you.” When he lowered his hand again, she continued.

“I have never met such fine and unselfish people in my entire live. You will always on my mind where ever I may go or what ever I may do for the rest of my live. If there is anything I could do for you in the present or the future I shall do that with the greatest devotion. But still I want to thank you and all of your people for the care, the attention and the joy I received here. Hopefully I gave something back by my presence.”

“It was a joy for everyone of us to have such a brave and fine warrior among us,” lord Shallowbrook answered. “Our relation with the human kind is a bit stiff, because of their somewhat impatient nature and rude behaviour. However you are not that at all, you are a very kind and well-mannered woman, almost not human, even a bit elfish." Asverze smiled at him.

“I moved along the elves of Kalimdor on several occasions, and I like their way of living. I know that the elves are somewhat awaiting attitude toward humans, but when you managed to get through that, elves are the best kind you can have around you. But don’t be afraid, I also can be rude and impatient,” she said laughing. Lord Shallowbrook and his court started to laugh too. After the laughing stopped, Lord Shallowbrook looked seriously into her eyes.

“Looking into your eyes and hearing several rumours from my subjects, there’s a dark spot inside of you.” Asverze looked at him but silenced, “That also would have caused the danger you were in and almost killed you before you came here. Don’t you want to tell us something about that?”

At first Asverze wanted to refuse, but she considered. “I think it’s because I met a guy several days ago in Southshore I completely fall in love with. But I also had told him that I never wanted to bind myself to someone and that I wished that we go our own way in the morning, because I want to focus myself completely to become the best possible warrior. That night however I made up my mind and reconsidered my plans. I decided to stay with him and follow him wherever he may go as his companion and his lover. He however had listened to my wish and had left Southshore before I was waked up and could speak with him about it. He only left this note for me and no one knew were he was gone to.”

Asverze took the blood-spattered note out of her pocket and handed it over to Lord Shallowbrook. He took it from Asverze and started to read it. After finishing reading he return it to Asverze, who putted it back into her pocket

“This is indeed very sad,” he said with a sad look in his eyes. “I do understand your grieve about this and now I can understand your behaviour a bit more. For us however it would be a pity that, because of this, we should loose such a fine warrior as you. We really hope that you could find the strength to deal with this or even get over it.” Asverze nods.

“My stay over here had made me realise that the way I react on his leave was completely wrong. For my own sake, I will do my very best to deal with my sorrow, but that will be hard because I still miss him very much.” Tears started to came into her eyes, but she tried to pull herself together. “I also made myself an oath that for him and his sacrifice I will do everything in my might to become the best possible warrior.”

Lord Shallowbrook smiled at her. “We are very glad to hear that and really hope that you managed that for yourself and for Azaroth.”

Asverze smiled at him through her tears. “For myself I’m convinced that I could make it, I’m a big girl now,” she said, wiping a tear from her cheek.

Again seriously Lord Shallowbrook said, “Physically you are completely healed, mentally I see however that you’re still hurt but time will heal these wounds for sure. I know that you are almost ready to leave to go on travelling around Azaroth. I hope that you won’t forget us, although I’m convinced that you will, because of what I heard and what you say.”

“You people will be always on my mind,” Asverze answered, “where ever I may go or where ever I may be, until the day I die.” Asverze bowed before lord Shallowbrook and his council. They stood up and bowed too.

“Go with our blessing,” lord Shallowbrook said, “and accept our best wishes.” Asverze nodded turned around and left the council chamber.

When she entered her room, she saw the elfish woman who had taken care of her when she laid wounded in bed standing in the room. The woman handed a package over to her.

“With the compliments of our lord Shallowbrook and all the people of Quel’danil Lodge,” she said with a smile. Asverze saw that it was the green and white dress she had received when she got out of bed.

“You people are too nice for me,” she said a bit emoted.

“We find that this dress go very well with you. We will be happy to gave it to you, so you can wear it when you want it.”

“I’ll wear it as must as I can, remembering the fine people I received it from,” Asverze said. The woman bowed and left the room. Before she put it gently into her bag, Asverze let her fingers slip over the fine fabric.
After girding on her sword, she left her room. A group of elves showed her out when she walked toward the gate. Lord Shallowbrook stood on the veranda of the main building and waved at her. Asverze turned around toward him and bowed. Turning back she waved in return. Outside the gate Asverze turned around again toward the group who showed her out she called,

“Thank you all for the things you did for me. You people will be always on my mind. When I’m in the neighbourhood I surely pay you a visit. Blessings to you all.” After Asverze wave toward them, she turned around and got on the road again toward Aerie peak. She had planned to go to the Plaquelands helping the Agent Dawn to fight the undeads of the Scourge, the other of the two kinds she really hated.

She was the old Asverze again now, keen as before and very hard to surprise, but also in for a cheerful evening with a man she met during the day. Although it seems that she had overcome the loss of Storm by now, she keep them at bay even more for now and didn’t spend the night with any one of them anymore, still hoping she run into Storm again one day…


Asverze Argus