Lackem Ivan Daggerdance
Lack launch
Lackem Daggerdance, proud Captain
Basic information
Age 21
Gender Male
Race Gnome
Affiliation Dwarven District Guard [Alliance]
Status Alive

Lackem is a young gnome Captain for The Dwarven District Guard. Working with pride, joy but mostly pride, he loves his job. Personally trained by Olaffson Beerstrike, Lackem is seen as a replacer, not a successor which gives Lackem a hard time. He's in love with "Unstable" Chanta Trigger which makes it all a little bit harder. Luckily, the DDG HQ provides the right amount of coffee for Lackem to struggle through. Until a short time, Lackem has been used by his cousin and outlaw, Xermes Daggerdance, to look away when he committed yet another crime.


Lackem is, even for gnomish standards, small. But don't let his height fool you, this gnome can pack a mean punch or slash, with his lucky sword always on his back. Often seen with his favorite cup filled with coffee.


Lackem wasn't born in Gnomeregan, he was born a stone's throw away from Southshore, in a small house. One day the little village was attacked by pirates. For some reason, they took little Lackem, age 10, with them, to work on the ship and teach him to become a full-fledged pirate someday. Luckily for Lackem, that day didn't come. One day, the ship anchored to resupply. Lackem sneaked out and ran for home... Or at least where he thought home was, ending up at the Arathi Highlands. Dwelling for days, Lackem fell down in exhaustion. Until someone walked past, saw him and took him to a cave nearby. His own cousin, Xermes Daggerdance, was the one that found him and told him to go to Ironforge to seek help. Lackem did as Xermes suggested, and he went for Ironforge, where he trained and worked until he joined the Dwarven District Guard one day. It was not until a year that Lackem went searching for his parents, and found them in Southshore, where they still live this day. Nowadays a full-fledged Captain of the DDG, Lackem stands with pride.


Lackem will be the first one to worry about something and will ruin his day doing so. Lackem is kind, and will help anyone needing... if there's coffee.


Gears R. Copperbolt (Cousin) - Alive, active in the DDG.

Xermes L. Daggerdance (Cousin) - Dead.

Mairy Bixiefix (Mother) - Sick, living in Southshore.

Ivan Daggerdance (Father) - Alive, living in Southshore.


"Another day, another nightmare, another buck."

"Who just used my coffee cup as oil container? WHO?!"

"People see me as a replacer of Sir Beerstrike, not a successor. It sucks big time."


Lackem is somewhat addicted to coffee.

In love with "Unstable" Chanta Trigger.

Is a workaholic.

Is afraid to fail and not live up to people's expectations.

Has had an alcohol addiction.

Strokes his beard while thinking.

Has nightmares about losing, failing and disappointing.

Is scared of Helboars.

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