Kaeimar Caliphus Sunwind
Basic information
Age 118
Gender Male
Race Sin'dorei
Affiliation Quel'thalas and the Phoenix Guard
Status Alive

Kaeimar is currently a Guardsman in the Phoenix Guard. He currently lives in their barracks, but is having his new quarters constructed for him within Eversong. His duties as a soldier of the Sin'dorei and the Horde as a whole often have him outside elven borders, however.


Kaeimar is tall, standing about 6' 2ft. His long blonde hair hangs down between his shoulder blades, framing a face of elven perfection. Slightly angular, with sharp features and a pair of blazing emerald eyes. His lips seem constantly caught in a slight smirk, giving his face an arrogant, smug look.

While he is usually clad in well fitting blood red armour, his torso is lightly muscled, with a miriad of scars upon his body. A perfectly circular scar is to be found on his left shoulder, while a long jagged one traces its way down from the base of his neck to his hip.

Two pendants hang about his neck, one depicting a blazing sun, tendrils leading off it resembling wind or waves, perhaps. The second pendant bears a Phoenix, containing a single tear dropped phial within it. It appears to hold water.



Kaeimar is an elf of many attributes. Many of those being flaws. He is an elven supremacist, holding disdain for the other 'lesser' races. He has also inherited his race's over-bearing pride. He does, however, have some form of ethical beliefs. He resents the Light and those who use it, but respects forth-rightness and capability.

Once devoted to a cause, he would willingly sacrifice his life for it. However, first and foremost comes the preserving of Quel'thalas and its people.

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