Imogen Windstalker
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Basic information
Age Approximately 127
Gender Female
Race Sin'Dorei
Affiliation Horde
Status Alive

Imogen Windstalker, a Battle Mage belonging to the elite military unit, The Phoenix Guard.


Above average height for a Sin’dorei and taller than most men, Imogen is slim and attractive. Her raven black hair is styled neatly into glossy ringlets, which spill down her back in waves. Her dark hair contrasts with the smooth, pale complexion of her skin; which is boldly tattooed and lightly scarred. Her voice is low and sultry, and her expression is often mocking or a well-practised serenity. She walks with a perfected elegance, an air of haughtiness about her. She could be described as pretty, even beautiful. Dominant cheekbones outline her features – slightly tilted, soft fel green eyes; firm pink lips and a relatively straight nose. She stands with a queenly grace, her head held high and her shoulders spaced. She is slender; composed of toned muscle and feminine curves, and flaunting a generous bust. Her skin is faintly scarred, hinting a life of combat. A thin scar runs across her face; and three scars are noticeable at the top right side of her hairline. She is followed by the alluring scent of roses and arcane, instead of her previous stench of overpowering Fel. A glowing dagger hangs in a scabbard at her belt, as do two holsters containing silver-plated pistols. Underneath her clothing she keeps hidden knives, each one coated in a thin layer of poison. She wears a variety of jewelery, including two chains which hang around her neck. One holds a golden Phoenix pendant, a small glowing liquid set into its heart. Another is a chunky bloodred ruby, set on a sparking golden chain.


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Imogen could often be described as completely uncaring. She takes after her mother in many ways, some of those ways being stubborn, selfish and cold. She has few friends, and is generally an unpleasant person. She has improved on her socialising skills since leaving behind the use of fel, and has become a rather neutral person. Her personality still varies from what mood she is in, however, and she tends to get incredibly jealous over men. She is flirtatious, and often dresses in rather revealing clothing for the sole purpose of attracting male attention.

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