Guritha Stonefield
Guritha Stonefield image1
Basic information
Age 22
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation Alliance
Status Alive

Born and raised in Elwyn forest on the Stonefield farm. Fierce but fair warrior.


Guritha is a good-looking human female, although she’s not interested in appearance. For her her gear has to be efficient and sturdy, the looks are of minor importance. As warrior she knows that take good care of herself is very important to stay alive, so she’s very dedicated to her health, physically and mentaly.


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Guritha has a short tempered, impatient and somewhat rude character. With that she often drove her parents to despair. They managed however to cut of the most sharp edges, so Guritha can be polite and friendly but be prepared when things don’t goes as she wishes.

Guritha is a merciless warrior. She fights all her enemies with a reckless hate and will no stop before all are dead and/or flees.

Guritha will always be the first entering and the last leaving a battlefield. She will never walk away from a fight and will go on until the very end, even when the tables are totally against her.

Guritha is very loyal toward her companions, friends and relatives, always stays at their side no mather what circumstances they’re into. She’s however unforgivable toward those who try to cheat her or try to push her around. She also hates cowardice and shirking, treating those with the most disdain or even hostile.

Quotes Edit

"Born for battle we are, we are proud to fight for honour and glory, but mostly to protect what we love."

"Never leave an enemy behind alive, He will rise and fly to your throat again."



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