Gathering of the Light
Pray Light
Gathering of the Light
Basic information
Date Sunday
Time 2PM
Location Eastern Plaguelands, in the ruins of the Scarlet Enclave
Contact Knight-Lord Markus Flashheart

The eventEdit

The Gathering of the Light is a chance for a small group of faithful beings to get together, in a diplomatically netural location, with little fear of scorn or ill wish, in the Eastern Plaguelands.

Upon being originally organised by Knight-Lord Markus Flashheart, gatherings have varied from the traditional (sermons given before an audience) to bizarre (fishing by the coastline, musing on methods of preaching). Usual members include Shiryou Kattami, Lirien Ashfelas, Wraithos "John" Ashlocke and Eshidu "Nadia" Nordmann.

Gatherings can be many or few in number, and can be given by anyone. The only constants are it is at 2pm, on a Sunday, in the Eastern Plaguelands.