Frunclar "Sesquinne" Bittershade
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Basic information
Age 74
Gender Male
Race Blood Elf
Affiliation Horde
Status Alive

A mercenary by trade for the past decade or so - (though he would profess that this is not true, and claim to be a merchant, unless pressed) - Frunclar as an individual has a sense of duty, as yet untethered to one particular ideal.


This elf could be described as fairly handsome, like the majority of his race. His skin is healthy, and well toned from work as a mercenary, and more recently, a guard - though it has started to become paler again from his current "unemployment". On top of that, he has very few, in fact no, visible scars. His previously hacked back hair has re-grown once more to partially cover his face. The long elven ears protude in the same manner as all his kind from this head of hair, and a rogueish grin is often on the face that it's no longer long enough to obscure.

His commonest outfits consist of leathers, knives, a dark, wide-brimmed hat, and a pair of belts with assorted vials strapped to them that hang loosely about his waist.


Frunclar was born to a carpenter and said carpenter's housewife, who made a habit of flower arranging. He was an only child, and hence was given quite a large proportion of attention. This caused more resentment than appreciation, as it often does with children. He sought to distance himself from his over-protective, yet loving parents by excelling at "Hide and Seek".

He succeeded, and over the years, hid among markets and other places of commerce, picking up how to cut a deal favourably, and in fact striking up an unusual friendship with a human tradesman; who went by the name of Malachii. partially unwittingly, through this friendship, he helped this human to make a tidy profit, having inside information about the goods in demand or out of demand among his Thalassian kind.

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