Commander Elizabelle Morgan
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Basic information
Age Late twenties
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation Scarlet Crusade (Alliance)
Status Alive

Commander Elizabelle Morgan is the leader of The Scarlet Inquisition, a branch of the Scarlet Crusade. She believes in the Scarlets and the Light and little else. She cares little about possessions, having only one set of armor, one weapon and one set of plain clothing. Most of her gold goes to the Church (and for brandy... Though she wouldn't admit to that.) She also has a horse, who she has yet to name.

Elizabelle believes that her group of Scarlet's are like family. Though, family or not, those who judge her and think her decisions are wrong, are quickly taken care of. The only person in the Inquisition that Elizabelle answers to, is the High Inquisitor.


Elizabelle is rather plain. She stands around 5'6" and weighs only around 105lbs. Dangerously thin. When Elizabelle gives a smile, the look is normally eerie and seems out of place on her face. Her blond hair is light, almost dusty looking and her armor is normally caked with mud and blood, unless recently polished. Elizabelle isn't beautiful nor ugly. She carries herself with pride due to her Inquisition and the Light.

The only other things worth mentioning, are Elizabelle's mace that she has strapped to her back, the red signet ring she wears on her finger and the tabard she wears over her armor that holds the flame of the Scarlet Crusade on it.



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