Concerned Citizens
Basic information
Faction Alliance
Leader Grandmah
Members 14

The Concerned Citizens are a small group of Stormwind civilians concerned about what goes on in their city.


The Concerned Citizens were formed one night after the latest of many attacks in the Dwarven District where the criminal escaped with no consequences. They were fed up with all the problems in the city, and united themselves to do something about it!

One of the main things the citizens campaign for is a mount tax for all of Stormwind, in the hope that people will stop rampaging over innocent civilians. Statistics show that 29% of all deaths in Stormwind are from people being overrun by adventurers! More than half of those are children. This is an increase of 15% in the last 5 years.

The Concerned Citizens have also founded the Citizens Gazette, because an informed citizen is a good citizen! The Gazette publishes news about current affairs, as well as competitions and an advice column.


We are a very small guild and consist mainly of alts, but we do run fun events like the Miss Azeroth competitions, the Stormwind City Fair and the Thirsty Citizen tavern. We also held a small celebration in honour of the King's return.


The guild is heavy RP, and guild chat is in character. We have a secondary out-of-character channel called CitizensOOC.

We are a very alt-friendly guild, and many of our members only log in for certain RP events - so we don't do instances or raiding together. We are mainly a place for "normal" citizen characters to hang out.


Grandmah - Leader of the Concerned Citizens.
Irinah - Reporter of the Citizens Gazette.
Taniss - Elder and tailor of the Citizens

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