Chenti Copperbolt
Don't make me sheep you
Basic information
Age 14
Gender Female
Race Gnome
Affiliation Dwarven District Guard [Alliance]
Status Alive

Chenti Copperbolt is the little sister of Gears Copperbolt. During the time of the Fall of Gnomeregan, she was seperated from her family and was taken to Stormwind. There she spent most of her time hanging round the Mage Quarter and showed natural talent in the Arcane and magic. She thus trained as a Mage. She was finally reunited with her brother after he escaped Gnomeregan and joined the Dwarven District Guard


Chenti is young and has short red hair and the same blue eyes as her brother. She stands at around 2'4" but is growing fast (no doubt to genes). Her eyes sparkle like her brothers but when she pratices her arcane


Chenti was but a infant when the Fall of Gnomeregan happened, barely more then 5 years old she was taken to Stormwind when the refugees escaped Gnomeregan and was placed in the care of the Orphanage. There she grew up for a few years, hanging around the Tower in the Mage District. The mages there noticed that she had some inate Arcane power and took her in as an Apprentice. When she heard that her brother was alive and in Stormwind, she rushed to see him and signed up for the Dwarven District Guard, since she is under-age they take her in as a long-term Recruit. She follows her brother around when he is on duty and studies hard so that she can join him on the battlefields.


Chenti is an unruly gnome as she has very little guidance in her life and always speaks her mind. Though when her brother is the one talking she stays quiet and follows orders. No one is really sure on why, but it is speculated that she greatly admires her brother for his accomplishments

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