Chanta Trigger
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Basic information
Age 40 (roughly like a 20 year old human)
Gender Female
Race Gnome
Affiliation Alliance
Status Alive

"Unstable" Chanta Trigger is a Guard in Stormwind's own Dwarven District. She's known throughout the city for her "easy" and "loose" mentality. She's the Sort of Girl who's be flirting with the priest during her own wedding.


Chanta Is a Chubby Gnomette who wears FAR to much make-up. She's Sloppy to such a degree that beggars call her filthy and to top it off she has the style and grace of an Angry Tauren.


Chanta lost her parents at a rather young age. Wich basically meant she had to raise her little siste Munni Trigger all by her lonesome. Munni, as some people might know, has some mental issues... more then half the people that know this blame this on Chanta for smacking her little sister upside the head everytime she was crying...Which was alot.

At some point Chanta Joined the Dwarven District Guard Because she, as she put it during her interview, likes to bash things. Her career went far from smoothly. Morw then once have her pranks and general disregard for order and regulations brought her on the brink of demotion.


Unruly, Flirty,Unstable, agressive and downright dirty.

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