Aeladrin Dawnblade
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Basic information
Age 84 (28 in human years)
Gender Male
Race Blood Elf
Affiliation Horde
Status Alive

Aeladrin is an initiate of the Phoenix Guard and proud of it. He has had a somewhat shady past.


Aeladrin stands at around 5 foot 7 inches tall and is rather skinny for his size. After years of training his body to be as agile as possible he has developed very strong leg muscles and nimble hands. He wears a brown leather armour with a red and gold cloth mask covering his lower face. On his back are two crossed shortswords with a jade gem inserted on the hilt. On his left hip there sits a pouch containing throwing daggers and at his right hip rests his family blade and most prized possession, the dawnblade.


Aeladrin spent much of his childhood in the Eversong Forest, his mother had died in childbirth, his father -in grief- had abandoned him at an orphanage but at the age of 18 he had to leave thus he found nowhere else to go.

When he reached the age of 54 he joined the Farstriders and spent much of his time fighting Amani Trolls, learning to track, trap and ambush he would often strike out at those who wandered to far from their encampments with a longbow. After 20 years of service under the Farstriders Aeladrin began to think that they were making no progress and that the Farstriders should go out on the offensive rather than simply waiting for attacks then beating them back. After his commander told him not to question his orders Aeladrin got together a small group and went out to strike at the Amani later that night. The small force dealt a great blow to the Amani and managed to kill half of a small Amani village while scattering the rest into the forests. When he returned the next day with news of what he had done his commander was furious and discharged him immediately.

After that Aeladrin spent 10 years as an assassin and blade for hire. Not much is know of what he atrocities he committed in this time. However, one day he heard of a group named the Phoenix Guard, for 3 months he meditated on whether to contact them or not. Eventually his mind was made up for him, they contacted him. Since then Aeladrin has changed much, no longer does he kill for coin, instead he acts as a guard and scout for the Phoenix Guard looking out for any threats to his allies and trying to prove himself.


Aeladrin has a confident nature and has no problems doing what he is ordered to. However when it comes to civilians he can be rather blunt and rude. When Aeladrin sets his mind on something it will be carried through no matter what the consequences. Often he will act without thinking, however, this has not gotten him into trouble, yet.

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